James Baynard Memorial Music Scholarship 


One high school graduate or college student who is majoring in Music Performing Arts or Music Education studies, while maintaining a GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and demonstrating financial need.


Students are encouraged to submit an essay of financial need and interest in the award.

An official high school or college transcript.

A Copy of your college acceptance award.

2 Professional Letters of Recommendation.


Via portfolio and application, the student must prove to be of substantial talent and show promise for continued excellence in music. One candidate will be selected after a vote by members affiliated with B.E. Media and Designs, LLC.  There will be a strong focus on incoming freshmen; however, current students and transfer students are eligible to apply.


This is a one-time $500 scholarship.


* Scholarship funds will be paid in September  for the first semester of the student’s first year directly to the college and not to the student. It will be the student’s responsibility to submit to the Foundation at that time an invoice for the fall semester tuition and fees, student ID number and college information.

Funds to assist with tuition will be awarded for the upcoming school year to one applicant that applies with B.E. Media and Designs, LLC before the deadline.

Scholarship Email-

Email:  info@baynardenterprises.com

Contact: 443-579-5009

B.E. Media and Designs, LLC

James Ajax Baynard Memorial Scholarship


 Print Edition

Deadline: This application form and all other required documentation must be received byJune 31, 2020  (5:00 p.m. eastern time).  

EMail to: info@baynardenterprises.com

Questions?  Call (443) 579-5009 (3 p.m. – 8 p.m. weekdays) or 

e-mail: info@baynardenterprises.com. 

 Required fields are indicated by an asterisk (*).

Eligibility:  Students must meet these criteria to be eligible.  Please initial.

1.    ____* I confirm that I am majoring in Music Performing Arts or Music Education    


2.    ____* I live in the United States (including Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico).

3.    ____* I will be attending college in Fall 2020.

4.    ___ I have submitted a high school or college transcript.

5.    ___ I have submitted a letter of my college acceptance award.

6.    ___ I have included two letters of recommendation.

7.    ___ I have submitted an essay of financial need and interest in the award.


a. First name*– Middle name(s) — Last name*:


b. If it is different than your formal name, what do you prefer to be called?:


7.   *Home address:

*Address: ________________________________________________________

 Address: _________________________________________________________

*City:  _________________________________*State: _____ *ZIP:  __________

8. *Primary telephone: (­­­________) ______________________

9.  Secondary telephone: (________) _____________________ Extension: ______

10. E-mail: _____________________________________________

11. *Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY): _______/ _______/ ___________

12. *What school do you currently attend?

*Name: ___________________________________________________

*City: _______________________ *State: _____ *ZIP:  __________

Phone number:  (­­­________) ______________________

*What is your current GPA?: __________

13.  Required for high school students only—college admission composite test   score(s). Attach photocopies of all score reports.

ACT _________ SAT _________


14. *What college will you attend in 2019-2020? (If undecided at present, send the school’s name, city, and state to us before June 31, 2020.)

14 a. Name: ___________________________________________________

      City: _______________________ State: _____ , or,

14 b. Undecided. Colleges under consideration are: __________________


15.  *Classification in fall semester 2019: ___________________________

     (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate, PhD candidate, postgraduate)

16. *What degree(s) are you pursuing?:

17. *What profession or field of employment do you wish to enter with your college degree?:

18. *Anticipated year of college graduation: ____________

19.  List any other postsecondary institutions you have attended:

19a.  Name: _______________________________________________________

  City: _______________________ State: _____ Years:  ______________

19b.  Name: _______________________________________________________

    City: _______________________ State: _____ Years:  ______________

19c.  Name: _______________________________________________________

 City: _______________________ State: _____ Years:  ______________

20.  *The Essay: 

Submit your essay of financial need and interest of award.

Attach your essay to this form.  The essay is limited to no more than 1,000 words.  Recommendation:  Carefully proof your essay and know that well-done short essays are admired.

21.  *Certification Statement:

By signing my name below, I confirm that all of the information provided above and in the accompanying documents is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.